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Looking for financial stability?

Want to retire one day?

Looking to leave a generational legacy?

Want your generational wealth to be enjoyed by your children and your grand- children?

We can help bring clarity to your finances!

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Where it all began

13 Years ago my wife and I made a decision to take hold of our finances! We went from living a style of debt, no direction, or financial stability to one of independence and abundance.

What’s in it for me?

We can help get you going in the right direction.

Let’s get that emergency fund set up, set a spending plan, and explore resources for investments.

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What’s next?

“You are worthy”. My message to all who have struggled with a mindset that says you can’t have financial independence.

Here’s one I’m excited about.

What Others are Saying

Our youth from the Oklahoma Panhandle Hispanic Baptist Churches had a great time of learning and interaction with Joel Gallegos. He shared with them about the most important thing they can do with their lives, which is to follow Jesus and to serve Him. He used a very dynamic approach through the use of technology and made it fun for them, and easy to interact as a group. We are very happy to have invited Joel to share His testimony and God’s Word with our students. -Everardo Borunda, Hispanic Ministry Partner with Oklahoma Baptist

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