Joel B Gallegos Hispanic Millennial
Joel Gallegos

Hey  there.  While pursuing a higher education degree I was provided the opportunity to coach a friend who went on to start a business.  It was over cups of coffee I encouraged him to seek out a business opportunity I had shared with him.   The  conversations typically focused on career, business ideas, and marriage.   Because I was confident in my skills I didn’t hesitate to help a friend out.

Strong Mentors

As I evaluate my life and career I have come to the realization that I have been blessed in those areas because I had someone encouraging me.  Several individuals had laid the foundation for me.  From the sweet old ladies that nominated me for a youth leadership program, the Vietnam Vet who demanded excellence and discipline,  and the Executive Director of the Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas that granted me an opportunity to tap my leadership potential.

 What Next?

I am now taking the torch and will pour into young professionals.  You can head over to Millennial Moment page where a young leader is highlighted every month.  The individuals chosen will have a servant’s heart and are active members in their communities and churches.