Joel & Jessica

Helping you generate wealth by getting the basics down.

faith and finances facilitator

Faith & Finances teaches that God’s plan for your money might be larger than yours! Biblical principles about money come alive in this highly interactive course, as students are equipped to conquer the “battle of the budget.” Classes are open to individuals, families, and youth.

Stch Ministries


Contact us about your next young adult group session. Both speakers are bilingual specializing in bi-cultural groups.


We understand the hesitation to get on a call and discuss personal finances with a person. Trust me it take some guts!

For those that are needing to make changes we will be launching a course with you in mind.

This course will allow you to work and access the material on your time and at your pace.

Hey brother! I was talking with one of the students that attended the ski retreat and she said her and her friends loved y’alls seminar!

Nathan Escamilla, Recruitment Director


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